Wednesday, January 19


things are looking different round these parts!
what do you guys think?!

my sweetest friend, heather, revamped this here little blog. isn't it dear? (get it? :))

heather keeps a blog about all things lovely, if you haven't checked it out yet, you best be heading over there right now. you will leave with tears, smiles, joy, and inspiration. i promise. and if you are looking for a blog makeover, she is your girl! check out her portfolio right here.

i am so thankful for the time you invested and for beauty that you given to my little blog, heather!
thank you, thank you, thank you.


so, my switch to an actual domain name is quite exciting for me! but it means somethings aren't really linking right for the "three day transition stage", as blogger tells me. so, yeah. i don't know what else to say about that.

my big news is that i am now accepting sponsors!

i really love spreading the word about your sweet shops and blogs.
so, in the words of the fresh beat band, we're gonna give it a gogo.

wanna sponsor?
for super cheapola.

if you sign up to sponsor today i will keep
your ad up until the last day in february!
so for the price of one month you get a month...and almost a half!

email me if you are interested!

and hey, here is what i need your help with. all you blogstresses, you.

i want my navigation bar to be right under my header but can't seem to figure out how to accomplish this. in design on blogger there is another "add a gadget" space above my navigation bar that won't be removed, at any cost. there is just no option to do it. i googled "lessening the white space (or padding) below the header" until my eyes were burning out my head. and i still got nothing.

who can help me with this? anyone, anyone? i will kiss you on the lips.

just kidding.

but, i will do something give you something great.
i haven't decided what just yet.
but trust me, you want it.

heather is amazing.


  1. love it all!!

    for lessening the white space/padding between your header and navbar, i would suggest resizing your header to a smaller length and that will pull the header up some. the "gadget" that is left empty doesn't take up any actual space unless a gadget is actually installed... if that makes sense?

    also, if you read through the HTML of your actual blog design, you will be able to change the amount of pixels your main column is, you'll want to lower that number to create more space between the sidebar and blogging portion of your site.

    i hope those help ya ;)

  2. Love all the new scenery! Great job! ...I'm stealing your button. :)

  3. danielle- your blog looks great. fresh and new for the new year! : ) heather is fantastic and super it!

  4. you are the sweetest! i'm so happy you love your new pretties. xoxo-heather

  5. it looks so great Danielle!! Love it! :)

  6. this is the first time I've stopped by....I like it. And I love blessed little nest! yay for pretty blogs :)

  7. love the deer and the button and all of it as usual!

  8. love your new design- that heather is awesome! i love it all! and sponsoring...hmmm.....lovies definitely needs some help....i may be emailing you! :) and chicka i have no idea what you mean about the header white space sorry i can't be of help. i've been on blogger for 4 years and have no idea how to work it still! ei yi yi

  9. i stole your dear button :) your 'new-do' looks amazing as i knew it would!!! :)

  10. I'm super new to blogs but, I stumbled upon this blog:

    Carolynn has tons of tutorials there.

    Love Your New Stuff.

  11. Love your new look! So adorable!

  12. i noticed it yesterday, believe it or not!! and i'm super happy for you to have your VERY OWN domain name and everything, you crazy woman, you :)

    i've been meaning to step up my own blog... make it sassy and all, and get a little button, and i love that you've done it! :) i'll have to add your fun little button to my favorites page :)

    love you, friend :)

    (ps... i can't get over how big foster is getting... it kinda makes me sad... just a little.)

  13. Ahhhhhh Danielle, this is so beautiful! Your friend did a great job and I'm heading over to check our her blog/portfolio as soon as I finish typing up this comment. My page is in desperate need of a makeover ughhhh. And YAY for having your own domain now! You are such a rockstar. :)

  14. looove all the changes! don't you just love when you find the look youre going for. :)

    that's awesome your taking sponsors. I've toyed with the idea... but i just don't know. Looks like you are off to a good start with that.

    love your music!

  15. love your basically like a big time blog now baby!!! Can I have ur autograph on my headband??? LOL