Wednesday, December 22

wish list

today i'm guest posting over at allora handmade…


come on over and check it!


  1. just finished reading - I LOVE your wish list!! :)


  2. i freaking love your blog. you're so creative and AWESOME! sorry, this comment has nothing to do with this post but whatev'

  3. First off, thank you so much for the sweet note and you should definately make some peppermint bark...super easy and delish!!! Secondly, I am somewhat infatuated with your wishlist...amazingness!! Hope you have a wonderfully jolly Christmas!

  4. I was catching up on the allora handmade blog (love my modern pearl rosette statement necklace!!) and my eye was caught by the reference to "Upstate New York Winters" regarding the scarf - since I live in Albany, I got nosy and checked your blog - and you live close to me! So I just spent a couple hours reading your blog back to September - awesome!! I am a new follower. Love the pics and your candid posts.