Wednesday, December 29

happy birthday, little blog

a year ago today (okay, tomorrow. i thought today was the 30th) i took the leap into the blog world.

like the good bloggy friend she is, jami read my mind, and posted this yesterday. i could not agree more. i love looking back and reading about the quirky little things my boys did then. for it is now, and then has come and gone. we all know it too well. they are only little for a little while and if i can remember a little more, document a little more, photograph a little more… well, i consider it wonderful. i consider it a book of treasures.

i love reading about the funny things brody said when he turned two years old. and about the first little coos foster was making last year this time. or how the summer sunshine felt good to my soul. yes, you see i love this little blog. i love it very much.

i love the outlet it gives me. i like to have this thing for me. this time for me. something that i can do in my own home, while my man is working another late night and my babies are fast asleep.

i don't really drink coffee but whatev.

i love that i have met all of you. no, i haven't really met any of you. but, i feel like i have. i am thankful for you. yes, you. for sharing your story, for opening your heart, for telling your failures, your successes, your hard times, your good times. for being real. so often, as women {and mothers, especially} we hide behind the mask of playing perfect. of looking put together when we're falling apart. i don't feel like i have to be that way anymore, and these little words that i write, and those little words that you write, have helped change that for me.
so, thank you.

happy birthday, little blog. you have done me well.
i am looking forward to all 2011 has in store for us.

ps: i wish i was going here. i feel like it's too late!
so, let's meet all meet for real and go here together. you in?


  1. thank you for your inspiring blog, i'm learning a lot from you and enjoy reading!

  2. This is why I blog too! I'm glad I just found yours :)

  3. i LOVE reading your blog !! i found it on the nato's whom i found from the anderson's !
    i'm only in college and found a love for blogging so i'm glad people like you have blogs i can enjoy !
    your fam is so cute & your love for jesus is fab !

  4. Love your blog! Happy blog bday! I would totally go to the BlogHer conference, how fun!!

  5. Happy birthday bloggy blog!!! I love reading your blog FYI....and Im glad you are here. I live in socal and I just wish I could afford those darn close yet so far...hahahaha

  6. happy blogiversary danielle!
    can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for you!

    i love blogging for so many of the same reasons, but my favorite of all is that God provides us with this unique and creative way to connect with other mommas (that love him) so that we can nurture each others hearts.

    i say we skip blogher and blissdom (i've heard the best parts were the unscheduled times anyway), and just set up a fun weekend away. now that would be fun!!!

  7. happy birthday for sure.

    my favorite thing from jami's post - don't blog for comments.

    glad i'm here and happy to see what comes.

  8. Hm, I'm with you Heather!

    Happy Blog Birthday, Danielle! I love yours too, and I'm so glad blogging has led you to more freedom to be you. That's awesome.

  9. a)i don't drink coffee either. what are the chances! everyone drinks coffee...
    b)yes and amen. blog it up ladies. this is a good thing.

  10. Aw, Happy Birthday! :) Here's to another great blogging year for you!

  11. I like your blog. I like you. :) I know, we've never met, but, hey. It works. Happy blog bday! (And can I say I wish I was blogging when my 3 were littler? Because I blinked, and they're growing, and my heart is kinda' sad about that.) You'll be so glad you started when they were littles.

  12. happy birthday to your blog. that's quite the accomplishment. love your blog! keep it coming:))

  13. On second thought Heather's idea sounds WAY better ;)

  14. oh, yay! happy birthday~ here's to blogging in a way that inspires others around us, and allows us to be free and genuine in our writing... enjoy!

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