Wednesday, December 1

a grateful heart

i really begin to feel my heart swell when i look at everything the Lord has done for me. i am blessed beyond compare. the abundance He has given me: my husband, my babies, my health, my sweet family and friends, my home and, above all else, my hope in Him.
for i am a sinner
saved by grace.

my cup runneth over.

this is what our thanksgiving looked like.


thank you Jesus, for all of this. for all that You are.

my dear friend, erin, joined us to celebrate thanksgiving this year. her boys are my boy's besties. brock is just weeks older than brody, and lincoln is just weeks younger than foster. i see lots of trouble in the not so distant future.

erin's husband, kevin, is in training right now in wisconsin and will deploy to iraq in just a couple weeks, arriving there on christmas day. he will be serving in iraq until next fall.

would you join me in lifting up their family in prayer throughout the year?
for the comfort and peace for their family that only the Lord can give.

and to all my friends reading who go to my church, or who live close:

i would encourage you to support boxes to basrah.

"boxes to basrah is a volunteer based group sending care packages to kevin conklin and the rest of the 501st OB EOD unit while they are stationed in basrah, iraq. they will be sending treats and other needed items in holiday care packages. in order to arrive by christmas, the next shipment will need to go out NEXT FRIDAY december 9th. you can support boxes to basrah several different ways: by donating money to cover shipping costs, and/or providing other items (cards, letters, pictures) or snacks (beef jerky, trail mix, crackers, etc.). be sure to drop off all items at the church office by december 9th."

if you can't make the christmas deadline, no worries. we will be sending more boxes throughout the year. see erin conklin for more information.

erin and kevin, THANK YOU for your sacrifice. i am blessed to call you friends.


  1. love the boxes to basrah ideah! hopefully i can get my act together and send something.

    looks like a fun thanksgiving. small and fun and perfect.

  2. you and your friend chose very cool names for your boys!

  3. love this posting and love the pics...looks like your boys had a great thanksgiving!!!

  4. love the colorful gingerbread house. much prayers for your friends husband <3

  5. what a lovely thanksgiving... prayers for your friend's family, and all the other men and women serving our country.