Thursday, November 18

just call me irritable

don't rain my emotional parade.

do you ever have days where the slightest thing makes you completely miserable? nothing can make you happy? you want to whine. you know the days when your husband shaves his head, when you really didn't want him to, and you cried for a half hour over it?
oh, good. it's not just me.

it could have a little something to do with that time of month. just a little something.
i knew there was a reason i kept having babies and nursing them til i almost died from it.

i'm only kidding.

sort of.

i was not feeling it yesterday. i needed a ten minute freedom, and i needed it fast. a series of unfortunate events led to two not sleeping kids and one mama who's fault it was that they woke up in the first place. i, stupidly, left my cell phone in their room which proceeded to blast their faces off with some ingrid michaelson. good one, danielle.

since i can't get over the fact that hubs shaved his head and i want his hair back….
here's some sugar for ya.


he called me shortly after the shave and said guess what? to which i replied excitedly, "you got extensions?!" he didn't think it was as funny as i did. i guess i just have hair on the brain because I HAVE A HAIR APPOINTMENT SATURDAY. oh, you don't have to tell me it's long overdue. i know it, folks. and i am going to cherish every single minute in that chair. carolyn, take your time ;) and i will even sneak over to salvation army for a stroll around after my appointment. yep, i said it. honey, or mom,…whichever of you is watching my kids: i will be moving slow that day. really slow.

mmmm saturday, i can almost taste it.


  1. Oh dear. I don't know how to offer any comfort for you for having a hairless husband. But I am excited for your Saturday. Do enjoy it!! Hang in there. And now that you are beautiful even at your worst!

  2. Oh i had a day like that yesterday too....then I woke up this morning and dreaded getting out of bed...I so know the feeling! Hope today is better for you!

  3. hang in there! :) saturday's getting closer every minute :)

  4. oh my..the other day when my mom had the kids for an actually important really i stopped by the thrift store....and never told her...I hid my stuff in the trunk...what can i say...i was desperate!!! lols....ur great...and mommies are over it sometimes too....:)

  5. I totally had a day just like that yesterday. I can sooooo relate! My husband has been shaving his head for about 6 months now... it gets easier with time to get used to it, I promise! Savor Saturday, sounds like you really deserve it!

  6. booo, I hate bad days. In my world waking the kids up from their naps is like the worst thing!! LOL
    I also cried when my hubby shaved his head, good thing about hair is... it will eventually grow back. But I can totally relate!!

  7. hope your weekend was delightful, and that your hubby grows his hair back!

  8. i really love that picture in the background. where did you get that?

  9. Sister, what size is that "I have always known it was you?"