Wednesday, November 3

brownies with applesauce

i'm sure you all already make your brownies like this, or you all don't even eat brownies. but i'm a little behind the times, and i do eat brownies.


so, i set out to make cookies yesterday. a bag mix of cookies, my friends. only to discover i had no butter….WELP. i had been telling brody we were making cookies all morning so i quickly found a plan b = brownies.


no oil.

clearly i need to get grocery shopping. but, i called my life coach mom and she told me to substitute the oil with apple sauce. who'dathought. and i have a plethera of applesauce.

googled it quick and saw that if you substitute the oil for applesauce and use one egg instead of two it will keep it's brownie-ness and won't be so cake like. pretty sure all the comments under that helpful tip were negative but whatev. i tried it anyway.


here's the "recipe":
brownie mix
use one egg instead of two
use the water it calls for
use applesauce instead of oil (same amount)

got that?

we added back all the fat and calories that switching the oil for applesauce saved us by adding orange frosting and sprinkles. yum.


they were pretty darn good if i do say so myself. at this point in my life i cannot commit to applesauce brownies forever, but i'm sure happy to have a tasty plan b.


  1. haha, i definitely still eat brownies!! The super fatty kind :)

  2. gotta love mom's! they always know what to do! my mom is my life coach too! lol

  3. i didn't know about the applesauce substitute. i'll have to give it a try.

    now i feel like eating brownies. :)

  4. I'm so glad I found your blog. I'm not really sure how I found it. Must have been via another blog. Cute kids. Cute pictures. And, I love the apple sauce brownie recipe. I made so much apple sauce last week. this sounds wonderful.