Thursday, October 14

incase you hadn't heard

hello, home.


we just closed on our very first home!!
we are beyond excited and feel so blessed.
it is quite the charming little place, if i do say so myself.

and we just so happened to purchase this home from two people we love very much.
which makes it so much sweeter.

we are lugging all four of our crazy selves along with way too much stuff over to our new place this weekend! our first night will be sunday.

my amazing husband has been overhauling the whole place the past month and a half...
JUST WAIT until you see the magic that my man worked.


projects, pictures, diys, and re-dos to come... in surplus! stay tuned, my friends.


  1. danielle, i am so happy for you guys! i can't wait to see everything you've done & will do!! :)

  2. what a cute cute house!!!! can't wait to see more pictures! PS...I think your blog is adorable! :)

  3. how exciting!!! we're STILL decorating our house and it's been 2 years!!

  4. this is freakin' awesome. your best fights will happen because of all these projects. can't wait to hear all about them. :)

  5. it has so much character! I love red doors!! yay for you guys, that is soo exciting!!

  6. I love the red door, that is so adorable! I have always wanted a home with a red door! Lucky you


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