Wednesday, October 13

i'm excited!

my little yarn wreath that i love so much was featured here, here and here.


check out each of these fabulous blogs and be inspired.


  1. That's great! You should be excited. :)

  2. Let me tell you what. I've always thought wreaths were stupid. And I don't craft, and I've never done a DIY and I don't follow directions. BUT I did this one! I followed your directions to a T and now a sweet little wreath is hanging on my door right now, thanks to you. I used that exact yellow vanna yarn and made flowers out of leftover teal velvet fabric and it is YUMMY. Maybe I'll get a picture up sometime!

  3. oh my word...i love this. you are fab.

  4. hey Mama, i am a new follower. Hello! let me just say that i am extremely excited about getting the supplies to make one of these wreaths tomorrow.
    Also, i am super encouraged to find another mama who loves Jesus, above all else and her husband and family! its great and encouraging. Thanks for being on here! blessings!

  5. Hello! So I found your website by your wreath, I made 2 and I love them so much!! Thank you! Today on Etsy I found these:

    Such fun ideas! Thought I would pass it along!



  6. i am in love.
    am am on vacation, but i have a feeling i will be taking a trip to the craft store very soon. i am not sure i can keep myself from doing this and in case you are wondering i don't DIY.