Friday, October 15

the deets

so, here's the scoop.


my wonderful parents own a fabulous three family home. caleb and i have been living here, in the upstairs apartment, since we got hitched in 2006. we love our apartment. and i don't use that term lightly. it is 3 bedrooms, 9 1/2 foot ceilings and 1200 square feet of i-love-my-house goodness. we have always said that until we are ready to buy a home we would never, ever, ever leave to rent somewhere else. i have a built in help system of grammy and papa downstairs for my kiddos and, on top of that, it is pretty much my dream apartment.

we began our journey of the first home search late last spring. financially, it just wasn't happening. it would not have been wise for us to get knee deep in mortgage payments and flooded basements, literally. we prayed about this situation and decided it would be best to save up and wait a year and see where we were at, UNLESS the Lord had other plans. the summer was coming to a close and so was our search. we were throwing in the towel and at peace with it. heck, i was a bit giddy that i had a whole other year with my parents right here because i have a hubby who works long days. i'm talking 7-7 here, folks. 6 days a week. i'll take any help i can get.


about two weeks to the day when i stopped stalking realty usa, a little bird told us that our pastor was looking to sell a house that he had been renting out. it was his family's first home when they moved to new york to start our church. they lived in it many years before building their new home and were now ready to let it go. here's the kicker, it is HALF a mile from our church which we are at least three times a week, FIVE minutes from my parents house and THREE miles from the hub's work. whawhawhawhawhat!?!

God's perfect timing.

rather than our own.

funny how that works.

buying this house is exactly why my boys will be sharing a room, the hubs and i made the 3.5 hour trip to ikea to get butcher block counter tops, we had an impromptu garage sale, i made the perfect wreath for my new front door, i got me a craigslist couch, and even why i made new magnets for my fridge. it's a charming 3 bedroom, 2 bath (turning one into a laundry room), 1100 square feet on 1/2 an acre home and...

i am in love.


  1. sounds like perfection! love those trees in the yard...your house is adorable. congrats!

  2. That is soo exciting! We just bought a house not too long ago too and it has been lots of work but so so so much fun!!

  3. Congrats on your new home! It's wonderful how it all came together. :)

  4. You must be very excited to have a home of your own! Congratulations!


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