Wednesday, October 20

bits of life, bits of mice

just got internet today since moving into our little casa. i feel weird. to be completely honest, last night caleb and i sat down and just stared at each other while i was supposed to be reading your blogs, and he was supposed to be watching the yankee game. i wanted the freedom to check my email, edit my pictures and write on here. now that i can, it feels strange. has anyone ever felt this way before?

okay, i just had to get that off my chest.

we LOVE our house! i have so many pictures (and videos, hoorah!) to show you wonderful people that i am getting excited just typing about it. but, i've got to to share my mouse story first. it's not as good as kristen's, but it is still pretty nasty.

while caleb and i were starring at each other, without access to the outside world, he kept looking under my chair. i began to question what in the world he was doing. he immediately got up and barricaded the playroom and told me he saw a MOUSE. i threw up in my mouth a little. he ran as fast as he could to walmart and i stood on the couch crying. you think i'm kidding.

while he was gone the mouse ran across our beautiful countertops, through my dirty dishes in the sink, into caleb's backpack, into the stove, out of the stove, everywhere...right before my eyes. disgusting. he FINALLY got back, loaded with mousetraps. side note: if you love mice you might not want to continue reading the i killed a mouse and i liked it saga. he peanut buttered them up and put them everywhere and i went to bed feeling nauseous.

around 5:00 i wake up to this squeaking, chewing, mouse-is-right-next-to-my-head noise. i almost died. i am whispering as loud as i can that the mouse must be in our room. caleb proceeds to tell me that the noise was dripping rain water off our bedroom window. um, yeah. don't mind my husband -- he has no idea what he's talking about for at least an hour after he wakes up. finally he comes to his senses. the mouse is in the wall right next to my head eating, chewing or killing something and i am so over it. i sat out on the couch, shuddering, from 5:00 am on. to top it off, the peanut butter is eaten out of every single trap in the house. sneaky little rat.

here's the grossest (is that a word?) part. there were two half eaten resse's peanut cups on the stove with little bits of the alumnium wrapper everywhere. the bag of candy was all the way over on the other end of the countertops, for little rewards if brody doesn't yell "mom where are you!?!" and "let's pray again!", over and over while foster was sleeping. (more on: what was i thinking having my boys share a room to come.) caleb re did the traps with string cheese then headed to work. i hated the fact that the mouse and i were sharing a house. about thirty seconds after he left i hear, crashboomclang and ee ee eee ee shreiking dying mouse, for ten minutes. am i disgusting anyone else yet? seriously. thankfully, it was my dad's day off and he came to the house to get the dying mouse out of the kitchen.... before i lost my cookies, again.

i guess he was my housewarming gift.

i clearly didn't take any pictures of the mouse.
so enjoy these instead.


foster living up to one of our family mottos; a crusty baby is a happy baby.


last week we celebrated my parents thirty year anniversary! i clearly always know how to strike a pose, or am smiling to maintain sanity after being in a nice restaurant with my two crazy children for an hour. it's a real toss up.


brody is just expressing how i'm feeling. did i mention it was a long first night of sharing a room?


i love seeing this when i open my font door


have a beautiful, mouse-free day!


  1. uh, i had a mouse at my parent's house the other day.
    my cat brought the little squeaker to me at 11 o'clock at night.
    it was still alive.

    good times. :P 'tis the season for little rodents? haha!


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