Friday, October 29


i have a super exciting announcement to make.

are you ready?

ok, good.


you heard it right.

i'm so excited to share all these lovely people and shops with you. each shop has beautiful, handmade, and affordable gifts for this holiday season. or for yourself, if you just simply can't resist. and believe me, you won't be able to resist.
kicking off with the first giveaway this monday!

and lookie here, these fabulous women followed this little tutorial and shared their own handmade goodness:

did you make one too?

happy weekend!

ps: do you have a shop that would like to host a giveaway here?
email me:
takeheartblog {at} hotmail {dot} com


  1. so exciting!! :) ps. I love your new blog header!

  2. If only I was so lucky to have just stopped at those two wreaths. NO- instead I completely redid the christmas one, added a strand of beads to the purple one, just completed a third, and am working on a fourth. WOW! They're addicting. Looking forward to Monday!

  3. So happy to find your amazing blog!


    Happy weekend Luvs!

  4. would totally do a giveaway from Papercutz!