Thursday, September 2

so long, sweet summer

we are trying to squeeze every last ounce out of this summer.
drink it all in, soak it up all up.


this past week of 90 degree weather has enabled us to do just that.


we have made some memories this summer that i will always cherish. we have loved the sunshine, the splashing, the jumping, the playdates, the ice cream, and especially the pool. and i have loved to see my sweet boys explore all that summer had to offer. as much as we'll miss the daily swims and sandy bottoms, i'd be fooling myself to say i'm not jumping-up-and-down excited for my favorite season of all, autumn.

...and just because a messy baby is too cute not to share...this is for you, erin.


i hope you all are enjoying "right back where we started from" that's currently playing on my blog. i normally don't even listen to the music on my playlist. but, i can't help to with this song. i keep imagining sarah jessica parker and luke wilson, dancing around in that empty bar, in the family stone. oh, you are too?

happy thursday!

1 comment:

  1. a) your pictures are more and more fabulous. all the time.

    b) lincoln gage! LINCOLN GAGE. melt. so cute, so messy. so cute.

    c) yes that's exactly what i think of when i hear that song :D delightful