Wednesday, September 29

sisterfriends & boybands

these are some people i like to call my sisterfriends.

we thought this would be a nice pose. especially because it includes my sister's sword that she displays in her living room. um, yeah.

we spent our childhood and our teen years just a few houses away from each other, so the bond is pretty intense. some things we currently like to do: make fun of each other, talk about our boy band obsession days, eat tacos, talk about our boy band obsession days, laugh about how strict my parents were, and talk about our boy band obsession days.

we traded pictures of jc chasez and nick carter like they were baseball cards. we had binders full of magazine cut outs and computer images from our printers that were running low on ink. our closets were lined up and down with pictures of nsync and the backstreet boys. kori and mandi got to line their walls with posters too. not in our house though, our parents weren't that cool. sorry, mom...ya weren't.


we had a sick, sick obsession. kori and i can still quote all of the things that justin timberlake said on the rosie o'donell show when i was in 7th grade. i'm not kidding. we knew their nicknames, birthdates, favorite foods, eye twitches, and could pick their voices out in a milisecond. we learned the dances to their videos and videotaped every single apperance they were on. at sleepovers, the before bed discussion was what we would do if THEY appeared in the room right that second. i'd diiiiiie.

i seriously thought that later in my life i would run into brian litterall and he would have been waiting all these years to meet me and marry me. seriously. i dreamt of it, i imagined it. and i'm getting kind of embarressed typing this.

we loved some other one hit wonders too. anything boy band and we were all over it. 98 degrees, lfo, o town, bbmak, westlife, 2gether.
help us all.


so, needless to say when we reunited for the first time in a long time we did some boy-band-days discussing. and we played loaded questions.
i love this game.

remember how my sister eats a vegan diet? well, kori, mandi and i used some form of the word vegan in almost every answer. we found it hysterical. meg....not so much.
some of my favorites were:
what's your favorite fast food restaurant? vegan king.
what would you like to learn more about? veganisim.
what change do you want to make for your life? become a vegan.

my sister proceeded to tell me that she has no idea how we are related.
say what?


  1. Awesome- I remember joining in with the madness at the occasional sleepover! such funny memories!

  2. Ah! sister's friend is vegan. Mostly for health reasons though, ya know? sister is the main cook in our house.
    And she got some recipes --tried and true-- from that friend.
    My brothers take a while to adjust to new recipes....haha!!

  3. Oh I just KNEW I was going to marry A.J. McLean one glad I didn't now that he's in rehab most of the time! Lol! But I was obsessed with Backstreet Boys - first Brian then I ended up adoring A.J.'s bad boy self! But I wasn't allowed to even talk about them at my house, it my secret obsession with my friend!

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