Wednesday, September 1


i always have to bathe foster after breakfast. one of us needs to get better at the task of foster eats breakfast soon because it's getting really old really fast. the worst is when i am sleepily trying to shove the food in his mouth before he swats it, while simultaneously eating my own breakfast... and i confuse the two. mmmmm.
i'm on an oatmeal kick. this morning i had my oatmeal with coconut flakes, flax seed, sliced almonds, dried cranberries and a splash of milk. what's your favorite way to eat it?

we played with some finger paints today.


at first, brody was a little unsure of what to make of something, gasp, being all over his hands. we need to man you up, boy! he got into it after a couple shouts of cloth, please! cloth!! and then proceeded to dump the black paint all over his clothes. oops. and i'm still trying to figure out what his little sidekick is sneaking into his mouth in that one picture.


the artwork displayed. and a proud baby boy.


my mom, older sister, and i had a impromptu garage sale on saturday.we kept discussing how this was the best garage sale ever and how we couldn't believe all our stuff wasn't gone already. we all said, several times, i would have DIED to come to this garage sale. i don't know why we were even selling it all?


we had quite the array of people come to our little sidewalk. my favorite was the jolly middle -aged, red-haired man, who told me that this was the BEST day of his life. he told me he has never ever been better before than that one exact moment looking at all of our used goodies.
whad'ya know?

my sister calls fost a cooing dove, i like it.

foster anderson, march 2010

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