Wednesday, September 8

fight off the enemy

i have talked a little bit about my desire to serve others more. it is something that has been weighing on my heart a lot lately. and last night i was getting ready to go to my church and get back into the swing of things.

satan had other plans.
doesn't he always?

my parents were going to stay with the boys because caleb was working late, so i was trying to feed dinner/bathe a baby/get myself ready all at the same time. everything i had been praying wouldn't happen while i was trying to get to church on time was now happening. foster was in the tub because he was covered in bananas and brody was plopped in his chair with dinner. while i'm attempting to apply some makeup, so i don't look like the frazzled mom that i am, foster is pooping away in the tub. get him out, clean the tub up and down, get him back in to bathe him again. check on brody and his entire dinner is all over our dining room table. he shredded each piece of chicken and threw them everywhere. catch anyone? i was stepping on grapes right and left. he never does this. i knew i was in for it.

the night only got crazier. foster cried every time i put him down, so i was lugging all 23 pounds of him around with me, while trying to clean up brody's mess and get dinner ready for my parents. apple juice spills all over the dinner, and i drop the dinner that i'm supposed to be bringing to the hubs all over the floor. i couldn't find my Bible anywhere even though i had been reading it that morning. brody was slamming the porch door over and over while screaming, bye porch! love you porch! which, i would normally find adorable (minus the slamming of the door), but was irritating me to no end because of the pounding headache i had going on.

there were so many things that made me wonder what in the world was i thinking?
i knew i would never be able to get out of the house.

i really had to take a moment to pray and acknowledge that this is exactly what the enemy wants me to think.

i may have been a few minutes later than i had hoped and wearing jeans that had baby food all over them, but i was there.
and i was blessed.

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