Thursday, September 23

cellphone snapshots

i almost titled this post the lost photos, but if i'm posting them on my beloved blog they won't be lost after all, now will they?

got a new phone. FINALLY. i'm pretty sure my cell phone company, who shall remain nameless but rhymes with horizon, somehow makes the new-every-two-deal seem more like five years when you are waiting for a new phone. this could be due to the fact that my phone did not work correctly for the past year and a half. it has been covered in baby food and spit up, sat in random puddles of water for hours, been chewed on too many times to count, and dropped AT LEAST ten times daily. and better still, as of the past six months every time i shut the phone it shuts off. did you get that? i had to keep it open in order to recieve and call and then it usually shut off half way through my conversation anyways. and towards the end of it's life, it no longer sent picture or video messages and rarely could recieve them. the volume was set at the lowest level and wouldn't budge. whispering is all i hear.

what was that?

all that to say, my new phone arrived today and i started to charge that baby right after the fedex man said HI LITTLE GIRL!!! to my son. twice. holla.

i hate parting with my phone for the sole reason of the pictures on it. like i said, my capability to send picture messages has slowly diminished, so i sent as many i could to my email these past few months.

here's the beauties i managed to save along with the captions from my phone.

baby brody
(this was one of the first pictures on my phone. i cannot believe how much my baby has grown up since i first got this phone......insert ugly cry right

hot hubs

lil professor

(is it strange that i have one of my husband's elementary school pictures on my phone? maybe.
would i have had a crush on him in fifth grade? totally.)

(i sent this picture message to my girlfriends as we sat around drinking coffee, or italian soda in my case, and laughing about memories from highschool. weren't they surprised to find out i was 15 weeks pregnant.)


sweet baby boy

just a newbie

widdle fost

(we're twins, it's true)

brody timma



mama's boys

by the way, here's my new phone:

why did i choose this phone?
it was the only free one without needing a data package...
and i have no idea how to use it.