Monday, September 6

boy's room: inspiration

the day is quickly approaching, i'm not sure if i should be scared or excited... my boys will sharing a room. booyah!

some of my little bits of inspiration



pair of awesome orange chairs: craigslist, $10.
blanket: clearance at target, $6.98
airplane shelf (still not painted): salvation army, $3.99

artwork by jessica swift

i really don't know how i kept those chairs a secret for so long, my heart beats a little faster every time i walk by them.

can ya dig it?


  1. GIRL! Thanks for your comment on my guest blog. Just discovered yours and I love it. I think we're thinking along the same lines, esp with the secondhandedness! It's all I do nowadays. funny about your boy being called a girl, I have the opposite problem!

  2. okay so I watched a video on motherhood which got my emotions going & then I saw your pictures for your boys room about being a brother & it wrecked me! Thanks for the good cry, haha!