Tuesday, September 28

beauty in the basics

i'm trying not to focus on the flaws.


i'm trying to embrace this great journey that motherhood is and find beauty in the basic day to day. i'm enjoying the little things. i'm enjoying the comfort of the well-known, it may not be as exciting as the unknown but it is oh so sweet. one day i will miss these things when they are just distant memories.


there are so many things i don't want to take for granted.

the runny noses. the perfect, little runny noses.


the sense of wonder in my little boy's eyes. how he watches the airplanes for as far as he can see.
how he chases after them and tries so hard to reach up and touch them.


painting parties on rainy days. the love and obsession with pumpkins that my two year old has.


and even though i spend my days with two babies whom i have a 22+ years age difference with, we really have a lot in common. we love to laugh, we love to sing songs to jesus, we love to read and we love their daddy a whole heck of a lot, too.


i'm looking forward to tomorrow and i'm thanking the lord for today.


i will enjoy this crazy adventure.


  1. i love your blog. i totally wish we hung out more before i left! i like, love you! LOL!

  2. sweet pictures and beautiful words - so true!

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