Sunday, August 29

thank you

my heart is stirred.
i had some girl time the other night with one of my sweetest friends. we can relate in so many ways, as we both are mamas to two young boys and are striving to live a life that pleases our maker. it is so comforting, as a mother, to hear that someone is struggling with the same exact thing that you are struggling with. that someone understands the frustration of your two and half year old not wanting to eat dinner for the fifth night in a row, the exhaustion that ensues as each day comes to a close or just the day in and day out consuming task that motherhood is.

we talked about our desire to have christ define us and not our roles as mothers, that delicate balance we need to make in order to not be completed in a role but complete in christ. we talked about our hopes and dreams for our boys, for their futures, and for the great tasks that lie ahead of us. we opened our hearts to whatever it is the lord will have us to do to serve others. i wrote a little bit about my feelings on serving others here. it often times feel so difficult to commit to serving others on a weekly basis. because i know very well it will be close to impossible to get out of the house on time, that my husband will probably not be home from work yet, the dishes will be sitting, dirty, in the sink, and i might even have to pay a babysitter once in a while. in reality, those are my excuses and this is my priority. this is what god has called me to do, to love and serve others as his word tells us to do and ultimately, ignoring is disobeying.

i feel refreshed and inspired by your kind heart, friend. thank you for your prayers, your friendship, and your faithfulness to our savior.


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