Friday, August 27


my dear friend, amanda, and i have had the urge to do some serious thrifting. getting the time for a second hand store adventure is never an easy task with five crazy kiddos and two busy husbands.

we've been... how should i say it... not so lucky, on our attempts to get out and find some good deals. anything possible that could go wrong on has. we have been bombarded with traffic, construction, the longest stop lights ever, several close call car accidents, gps that really doesn't work and people who can't help us when we're clearly lost. and then, after all that, the stores have been more trash than treasure.

a couple weeks ago our faithful gps wasn't so faithful and continuously (i'm talking at least 14 times) told us to either
a) turn down dead end streets
b) turn down one way streets the wrong way or
c) fail to tell us anything at all.

just tell us SOMETHING.

we didn't bring the gps today.
but our morning went a little something like this:

(via text)
danielle: are you stuck on 146 also?
amanda: not yet
danielle: oh you will be, don't worry
amanda: nice
danielle: mmhmm, going on ten minutes
amanda: what??
danielle: one lane road, construction. haven't let anyone go this way yet, baffled.
amanda: just got to it...nice
danielle: movin
danielle: holy cow we need to find a new way to get home
amanda: i don't have the gps. not that mine would help anyway.
danielle: bahahah

....we arrive. disappointed in the store, it is totally cluttered, overpriced and not an inch of room to move a stroller. we couldn't dig through the stacks of doors, windows, and cabinets if we wanted to. we leave....

amanda: stuck in traffic with my gas light on.
danielle: me too. endlessly til we find a gas station and an employee who won't answer us when we ask her for an alternate way to get home. thanks, for that. get back on the road and find the only other way to bring us back to some area of civilization that we are familiar with. just so happens to be the longest possible way to get home ever. arrive at more road work. more not moving.

danielle: is this really happening?
danielle: we should have eaten lunch at filet 7 west, at least.
(random restaurant to my left that i had been starring at for ten minutes as i sat in stand still traffic)
amanda: right!! what could possibly happen next time we go thrifting?
danielle: i'm scared to find out.

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