Saturday, August 14

the let down

i'm not talking about breast milk here, people.

craigslist, i have such a love-hate relationship with you. the checking constantly for a to-die-for sofa has got to come to an end soon, and i thought it did...

with the idea that we might be moving in the not so distant future, i have been crazily brainstorming what i would want to do with a new living room. i love our couch, it's super comfy but i am ready to on to bigger and better things. that's where my friend craig comes in. i found an awesome deal on a charcoal gray contemporary couch AND side chair for under $200. so i, of course, jumped all over the opportunity. some people, who shall remain nameless (but they probably live with me or below me), may call me looney but, they can't deny that this girl knows how to shop. must be in the genes, thanks mom. i conjured up a plan, the cashmoney, and a friend's truck and was on my way. a place a little south of albany at four thirty on friday afternoon. did you hear me right? 4:30. friday. albany.

we arrive (we=i forced my mom to join...cause she loves a bargain and loves an adventure ;)) at the upstairs apartment and the super-excited-about-selling-his-couch man proceeds to tell me the most comfortable positions to sit on it the furniture. thanks, for that. after a little chitter chatter i decide i am definitely, indeed, in love with both the couch and chair and we are ready to haul it out. apparently, my excited-about-selling-the-couch friend didn't remember how he actually got the couch into the apartment. with my mom following behind, toting pillows and cushions, we go up and down the stairs several times. twisting, turning, flipping, tilting, and unscrewing light fixtures. the thing will not budge out the door. by this time i am a mass of sweat and so frustrated and we all finally give in to the fact that this couch is not leaving this apartment, at least not with me.

thus, the let down.

and the search continues.

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