Monday, July 19

remember me

i saw remember me over the weekend. as with all my movie reviews, just kidding i only wrote one before, don't read this if you have yet to see the movie. or if you like to know what you're getting yourself into, continue reading.

i guess i was expecting a wonderful love story when the movie began. isn't that what the preview led us to believe? little did i know the horrific scene of a mother being murdered in a new york city subway in front of her 11 year old daughter would start the movie off. i, of course, shuddered and covered my eyes. i normally do not watch movies where murder takes place because i have crazy awful nightmares. my best friend's wedding (does it get much better than that?) and the family stone are a couple on my favorite movies, i mean... c'mon.

i will give this movie credit for being interesting, holding my attention, having an unexpected ending, and, oh yeah, depressing me beyond belief. if you are having a bad day already my recommendation is to NOT watch this.

the two main characters in the movie, robert pattinson and emilie de ravin, fall in love against her dad's wishes because he shoved robert's head into the ground one night a bar.... not really sure of all the specific details. i get confused easily. so basically, robert went after emilie to kind of wave it in the father's face like "i got your daughter, now what?" he ends up really loving emilie, not just trying to get revenge, and the two connect over the murder of her mother and the suicide of his brother. depressing, i know. robert has an adorable little sister who is smart beyond her years, a mother, step father and father. robert and his father are battling throughout the movie and have a strained relationship to say the least. i can't tell you what all the fights were about because i feel like robert was mumbling through 75% of the movie, and never changing his shirt or brushing his hair...but that's a whole other story. we see robert's tension with his father come to a head when the father doesn't show up to his little sister's art show. the father, who is wealthy and works of some big company, bails robert out of jail twice during the movie. and probably 15 other times that aren't shown. little sister is bullied in school and goes to a birthday party for one of the bullys. they CUT HER HAIR OFF on one side of her head. i was so mad, upset and furious when that happened. little girls are brutal.

i know i am forgetting a million things but as the movie is coming to an end, robert goes to his dad's work to meet with him and talk about some things (again unsure of what they are going to talk about...the mumbling really threw me for a loop). the father is running late because he is, for once, spending some time with his daughter and driving her to school that day. errr, i should say his driver is driving her to school that day and they are sitting in the back of the car. when robert gets to his dad's office he sees a slideshow on his dad's computer of him, his sister and brother. it is pictures of three of them throughout the years. you can tell that his heart is softened and he realizes that the love his father has for his children is real and that it is just expressed in ways that are different than what robert wants. flash over to the sister's classroom, dad had just dropped her off at school, her teacher is writing the date on the chalkboard. september 11, 2001. seriously? i had no idea this would be happening. there was some references in one of robert's college courses to the terrorism going on the world today and the year of 2001 was shown when "ten years later" appeared on the screen after the killing of emilie's mother. caleb says he knew it would have something to do with september 11th when the year was shown in the beginning of the movie. i don't buy it.

flash back to robert at his dad's office. zoom out of the office view to see that the office is, in fact, in the top of the world trade center. screen goes black. i told you it was depressing. it broke my heart that the little girl had lost both her big brothers and that just when robert was realizing the love between he and his father, he lost his life. i never saw it coming. the movie ends with showing the way that robert had impacted the lives of those who surrounded him. emilie was standing outside the subway about to ride it for the first time since her mother's death and robert's father and little sister were holding hands walking throughout an art museum. there you have it, remember me.

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