Thursday, July 8

link love

gotta get myself a copy of this book.

have you heard of eShakti ? they have awesome clothing that you can customize to your liking for just $7.50 extra. i especially love their dresses.

foster has been getting dry patches on his arms and back and this always solves the problem so quickly.

brody loves dried fruit bars. we usually buy archer farm's brand at target. i am so going to make my own when it's not so hot.

speaking of being so hot, here's a list of kid things to do to kick the heat.

went here for this first time a couple weeks ago on date night. can't wait to go back and bring the kiddos. watch the planes flying in while eating your ice cream cone then go for a round on the go karts. we did think the ice cream was kinda pricey. but worth it :)

shaun groves offers some insight on why god allows suffering.

that's all for now folks.

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