Monday, June 7

on my mind

went to saratoga on saturday morning and a beautiful morning it was. we enjoyed the sunshine, fresh strawberries from the farmer's market and lunch at pj's bbq which i haven't been to since i was probably 14. yum. brody's been asking for the famma's market ever since.

my wonderful friends had their baby boy who i got to snuggle with last night. he is itty bitty compared to my toddler-at-birth babies and i loved every minute with the sweet little guy. my sister in law also had her third baby this past week. a baby boy, rowan jacob. he is so precious and i can't wait til the day i get to see him in person!

brody is over his sickness and back to his happy self. he is wanting to pick out what color shirt he wears every morning now. foster is now fighting the cough and congestion :( hopefully he will get over it quickly and we'll all get back to normal. although, we're not that normal after all :)

loving this song:


  1. woman, those two photos of you are stunning. gor-ge-ous!

  2. thank you! how are YOU!? i feel like i haven't written back to your message on facebook in a while, i often times start to write back and then i have another diaper to change.... i'll be checking in with you soon! :)