Wednesday, June 30

foster does

  • not nap well. at all. but i think that is mostly my fault, it was so much easier to have a schedule with one baby. yesterday was a record of sleeplessness. i think you slept 45 minutes all day from 8am to 6pm. seriously....what seven month old does that? i can't complain because you're mostly happy during the day. and you sleeps 12+ hours at night. a "normal" day of naps for foster is two 2 hour naps. those are really good days. they don't happen often.
  • eat a lot. you love your food, you chubby baby!
  • snort when eating baby food. i'm pretty sure it's because you have so much food up your nose you're trying to get some out. or it could be because your SO tired you are trying to rub your eyes and accidentally hit your nose causing you to snort. either or you sound like a little piggylove.
  • roll across the room as quick as lightning. i leave you on your belly by the couch, dry a couple dishes, only to come back just in time to swoop you up before you enter the wood floor in the dining room.
  • love to cuddle. you lay on your belly and suck your thumb all while gazing up at your mama. every once in a while you let out a sweet little sigh. i melt.
  • "baaa" like a lamb. it's kinda your favorite thing to do. you do it when your about to laugh or about to cry. everyone thinks your so silly when you do it!
  • laugh at your big brother's crazy dance moves