Thursday, June 17

dear daddy

dear daddy,

we love you so much. we'll miss you while you're fishing this weekend with papa. catch a big one for us. so soon we will be joining you on these trips, those will be some of the best days of our lives. we thank you for all the hard work you do for mommy and for us. we appreciate it more than you ever will know. thank you for showing us god's love every day and teaching us about jesus. thank you for praying over us every night. thank you for knowing that we are god's children and doing the best job you ever could to raise us. thank you for loving our mommy like you do....showing us that love is one of the greatest gifts you could give us. we will remember the love you show her all of our lives. mommy always says that she hopes we are just like you when we grow up. she says that because you always try your hardest to love like jesus does. you're the best daddy, we love you!

love, brody and foster

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