Friday, May 28

dear john

(don't read this if you have yet to see the movie)

caleb and i watched dear john tonight. wwhaaaaatttt?! i never read the book but i was loving the movie up until john sees the wedding picture of savannah and tim on the mantle. i seriously thought she had married someone else and that was a picture of her and her father-like figure framed. i knew that was stretchin' it but, hey, a girl can hope. when john read the break up letter from savannah while he was overseas i was assuming she got engaged to the guy who liked her previously in the movie. i was assuming he would come home and see that the engagement had been called off and she was waiting with open arms for him. not so much.

why did she marry tim? the movie makes it seem like he was sick and needed help for himself and for his son, alan and she was helping him so therefore they got married. why didn't you just help him? be his nurse? why did you marry him, savannah? i'm confused. why couldn't you have committed to being alan's caretaker without being his stepmom? tim admits that he knows that she loves john.....even more confused. what man is okay with admitting that he knows that his wife is in love with another man, yet alone the man that is sitting in front of him that he is telling? then savannah proceeds to act like everything is okay and have john over for dinner meanwhile her husband is dying of cancer. i was glad when john said bye to savannah instead of see you soon. i was glad he wasn't going to take her back because regardless of the circumstances of tim's life, she broke off their relationship and their promise to each other. i have no idea why at the end of the movie a bearded john and a never aging savannah met up at the coffee shop, do you? the only positive about the ending of this movie is that it was unexpected. i, generally, like unexpected endings. not in dear john's case. i knew we should have watched valentine's day.


  1. i read the book and watched the movie. as far as i rememebr she did not marry tim in the movie. she married the other one. and in the book she did love him.
    and in the book, they did not meet up at the end.
    i loved the book and the movie.
    even though its kinda crazy.

  2. brooke,

    it was definitely crazy. totally not expecting it, but could have just been me. do you mean that she didn't marry tim in book and ended up marrying the other guy who was interested in her? i just wish john and savannah were together forever :)

  3. ...i found you through amy--just tonight:)

    um, i just saw dear john last week--wednesday or thursday night i believe... gosh! what a movie. :\ so not pleased with how it turned out. plus, my sister read the book and she loved the book. it ends really honorably... i'm not sure if the guy has a son though.
    she turns out to love him and not john anymore?? i dunno.
    not going to waste my time watching that movie ever. again.

    love your blog, dear!
    i'm the newest follower--the girl with the green mug of chai in her face:)