Friday, May 7

date night

a wise man once said that it is much more important to date your spouse after your married rather than before. caleb and i will be married 4 years in september and together almost 6. he has taught me so many things throughout our relationship; how to truly love someone, how to sacrifice for them. we know that pursuing each other as husband and wife is just as important as when we were dating. we want to be more intentional about our date nights and have started fresh this week. date night can be anything that is just the two of you. ours this week was ordering dinner after the kiddos were in bed while catching up with each other on stories from our days. followed by a game of sorry. nothing fancy, nothing expensive - but wonderful nonetheless. every once in a while we will splurge and do a nice restaurant or night out. be creative and take turns planning dates for you and your spouse. you will be so thankful you did!