Monday, April 26

first foods

i was so anxious to get brody eating his first foods, i started a week before he was four months. i also had such a difficult time nursing him that i was excited to have any other form of feeding him happen. i gave foster his first taste of rice cereal a couple days after he turned five months. maybe i should of started sooner. there is definitely a huge difference in his ability to swallow at a little over five months versus not much swallowing occurring at almost four months with brody. i am excited to make some baby fruit and veggies all over again. i love watching a baby's face as they figure out if they like what they are eating. as if they have a choice :)
i opened up some canned banana first foods today to let foster try. i love that smell. it's brings back sweet memories. i was, seriously, always tempted to taste the bananas because they smelt so good...but could never bring myself to do so.
i like making baby food. it's cheap, easy and good for baby. but, i also love shopping for canned baby food. i really do. i love to see the different combinations that they come up with and i love browsing through the aisle at target picking and choosing what my little guy will get to try. it's i type these words i realize how much my definition of fun as changed in the past two years :)