Tuesday, March 16


my boys are 23 months and 4 months old this week...and couldn't look anything less alike. i really have to scan in some of my baby pictures so that you can see that foster is truly my twin :) and i should do the same for brody and caleb. we are enjoying this beautiful day so far and excited to get out in that new double stroller after naps.
brody is starting to take a new interest in his baby brother as foster is making more noises. he loves a good burp or a set of hiccups to laugh at. foster is always holding his hands together and brody always tell me "baby prays" :)

and on a side note, my birthday is coming up and caleb got me an early birthday present, which i am loving! i have a lot to learn about it but am having fun practicing and trying new things out. thanks, baby!

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