Monday, March 8

look what mom did

my husband is mr. fix it.

actually, i don't think mr. fix it even does it justice. he is super husband...

he hangs things around the house for me

he builds, sands, stains and hangs shelves for me

he paints the boy's rooms

he makes awesome art work for the boy's rooms

he even made a concealed gun cabinet in one of our closets

this weekend (aka sunday=his only day off) he re-painted the bathroom as well. before and after pictures to come :)

needless to say, brody is used to seeing his daddy with his tool belt on. today, when i broke out the hammer, he was looking a little puzzled. in attempt to shorten my honey-do list i decided i would set up the new double stroller this morning. it's not the hardest task but it's one thing to check off the list. and i am proud to say i accomplished it without any problems...okay, a couple problems but that was only because i had an almost two year old "helping" me put it together. i'm pretty sure if brody could, he would tell his daddy "look what mom did!" :)

we had a time walking from through the living dining room and kitchen for 20 minutes. i'm sure brody was having flashbacks to this past spring/summer/early fall when we walked every day before his baby brother got here. we are anxiously awaiting getting outside again! we were hoping to have gone out this morning but it was lunch and nap time by the time we finished. here's hoping tomorrow's nice!


  1. awww - what a great hubby you have! and nice job on the stroller, mama!! cute picture of the boys...i'm sure that stroller will get miles of use!! :)
    when my oldest was little (maybe 2 yrs), one of his toys needed new batteries...i got out a screwdriver and changed the batteries and saw him staring at me in disbelief: "wow, mommy knows how to change the batteries?!!!" he exclaimed!

  2. i love the detail pics :) i can't believe how much has changed already (but i shouldn't be surprised... you're the girl who moves the furniture every 3 months!)

  3. i love your house. i love your decorations. i love all of it! you should have gone to school for interior designing.

  4. kristina, too funny! probably the same look brody had :)
    aubs, no big surprise haha... i am my mother's daughter!
    brooke, you're so sweet, thanks!