Wednesday, March 10

as of lately

caleb has still been working late... a lot. usually at least four nights a week he is @ work til 9ish. and he works every saturday til 4 or 5. i miss my man :( brody misses his daddy giving him a bath each night and goofing off together before bedtime. foster misses his daddy making silly faces at him that cause his sweet smile to spread across his face. we are all excited that these long days will be coming to an end soon. toyota will be shortening their night time hours april 1st, as they have gotten some control over the re-call issue. that i am excited for! we are also looking forward to my mom and dad in-law coming out in mid april for brody's birthday. caleb will get 5 days off in a row...and he will need it!

brody is loving the sunshine. he wants to be outside all the time ever since we bundled up for our first chilly walk this week. and i knew that would happen. he beams and points out the window, "outside, outside, outside!" i will be glad when it's a tad warmer and we can get out even more. when the sun is shining in the windows, brody sees the dust floating around and glistening and says "snow, get em! get em!" i love that. i love that he thinks it's snow and wants to catch it just like he did a few weeks ago outside. i love the innocence and excitement combined together in my precious boy. i pretend with him that it's snow and he runs all over the living room trying to catch the little bits of dust then rolls onto the floor doing that wonderful belly laugh.

foster is almost four months old... what? how did that happen? i feel like it was just a week ago when we were in survival mode with a newborn in the house. i love this stage, his cooing and smiles make me melt. he sleeps like a champ and so far we are still a-ok w/ nursing. i am anxious to see how much he weighs at his four month appointment. he is loving his bath time, surprisingly, even when his big brother is splashing him nonstop. and i am love cuddling up my lavender scented lovebug when it's all over..