Friday, February 12

on my mind

  • "please" - brody says this word clearly now and knows he will get what he asks for (most of the time) when he uses it. i loved it at, it's killing me when he looks up at me with those sad eyes and says please over and over again for me to read the "this is a bird" book that i have already read 36 times in a row.
  • showering - the showering process today went something like this. start the shower when both the boys nap cross over. quickly get in the shower with both monitors in the bathroom with me (yes, i use monitors in our not-that-big apartment... i can't help myself). hear foster waking up, jump out with conditioner not rinsed out of my hair in the slightest, so that i can get him before he wakes up brody. grab a towel and then grab a baby and book it to the living room. too late brody already woke up. think to myself "luckily he loves his crib". not today. put foster in bouncy seat and let brody play while attempting to blow dry my hair. hair dryer keeps shutting off because their is all this fuzzy stuff in the back. hubby told me to pick it out with tweezers when there's a lot. can't find the "good" tweezers, the ones i'm using are too wide. remember the good tweezers are @ work with my hubby cause he needed to pick a shard of plastic out from under his nail. continue to blow dry with the hairdryer turning off every 20 seconds. call it quits cause it's time to nurse the baby.
  • speaking of nursing the baby.... i'm all about breast feeding, good for the mom, great for the babe, free...etc... but lately foster has been nursing every 2 hours during the later part of the day. yep, every 2 hours. my big guy is definitley not starving at almost 16lbs and not quite 3 months old. part of me feels like i'm not producing enough and he's not getting enough to keep him full to sleep the 1.5-2 hr nap that i want him to/he should be. maybe it's the dreaded 45 minute intruder that babywise tells us about? i don't know but i know it's consuming. yesterday i thought i'd just try a bottle of formula with him and see if it keeps him satisfied longer. downs the whole 4.5 ounces and takes a great nap... i was so happy! kind of made me want to stop nursing and just do formula. then i felt guilty. moms ...any suggestions/advice/motivation?


  1. During a growth spurt (like wanting to nurse every 2 hrs at 3 mos suggests), you might want to try an eat/wake/eat/sleep cycle to give the extra calories and up your milk supply. It worked for me.

  2. thank you for the advice! did you nurse at both times or supplement?

  3. Definitely sounds like hes going through a growth spurt. Make sure you yourself are drinking enough water. A nursing mother should be drinking one gallon of water a day. I know it sounds alot but the more water you drink the easier it is to produce milk and you produce more.

  4. amanda, thanks! i always try to drink as much as i can but i probably could squeeze in a little more... how's zoe? we should do a play date soon! :)

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