Friday, February 5

the little things

having a clean house makes me so happy. this morning i sanitized all of the toys and re-organized them, washed the sheets, cleaned the bathroom and the fridge. ahhh, love. all i have left to do is wash the dishes. both of my boys are napping, i have showered AND blow dried my hair. what a day! caleb is working late tonight due to a little toyota recall, you haven't heard about it...have you? we had a bunch of fun playdates this week, i am so thankful for wonderful godly women that i am raising my boys with. i also started beth moore's study, living beyond yourself, on wednesday and i am excited for all that the lord will show me through it.

brody started to say "triangle" all the sudden two days ago. i was cracking up when he said it cause it was so clear and i have never heard him say it before. he is pointing them out everywhere. i don't remember the last time i said the word triangle to him so i'm not quite sure how he figured it out but i am proud of the little booger :) he even took the "A" and "V" magnets off this fridge this morning carrying them around saying triangle over and over again.

foster is looking more and more like his mama...yay! i didn't really see it, when everyone was saying he looked that he looked so much like me, but then my mom whipped out my baby picture. i will save that striking resemblance surprise for another day ...