Saturday, February 27

we won't come back here

even though brody is only almost two, he has changed so much. i ordered a ton of photos yesterday to get our picture albums up to date and i found myself tearing up thinking about brody as a baby. and he'll always be my baby. but the changes in him make me want to go back in time for some of those moments. i looked at the pictures from foster's birth and i remember that wonderful experience so clearly now... and i always want to remember it. but i know those memories will fade and those favorite little quirky things my boys say or do will change to new things that they say or do in no time. i posted a while back that i was looking for a good book. i saw this video and i now know which book i will be getting.

when those bittersweet words, "we won't come back here" came across the screen i knew it already to be too true. can't wait to get to border's tonight.


  1. wow. i got teary eyed. i want to read this now too. i write letters to livi and bryson all the time. cant wait till they are old enough to read them and understand.

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