Tuesday, January 19

update on the kiddos

brody is 21 months old today! i can't believe in 3 short months my baby will be 2! two sounds so old...man, how the time flies. he just got his 11th tooth. he is starting to pay a little bit more attention to his baby brother. yesterday he laid on the floor next to foster and held his hand, so sweet. he loves his bath time and would stay in for hours if we let him. grammy got him a new toy boat for the tub that he is thoroughly enjoying. he loves pears, cheese and eggs and all the sudden hates green beans which he used to eat like candy. he looooves this big obnoxious stuffed elmo and pushes it in the baby swings, feeds it, shares his cup with it, hugs it, bites it, etc. this morning he didn't recognize his daddy, who shaved his head last night against my wishes, and acted bashful like he does when we have company over. i kept asking him where his daddy was and he would point in the opposite direction of caleb, quite comical :)

foster is 2 months old today! it definitely goes by faster with the second child. he is sleeping 10pm-6:30/7am, waking up to nurse once around 2 or 3...which i will soon be cutting out. i plan to be done with that feeding by the time he is 3 months old. i will slowly make the feeding period shorter over the next couple weeks until i cut it out completely. he falls asleep on his own for all his naps and bedtime and we haven't used a pacifier with him yet, hopefully we won't have to. he seems to be enjoying his baths now. he is wearing 6 months clothes already. yesterday i spent the morning emptying the dresser which was PACKED full of clothes newborn to 3 months of which he wore the same, probably 6, outfits these past 2 months. someone remind me of that whenever baby #3 comes along. he is smiling and cooing like crazy and i am loving it!

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