Friday, January 1

movies i want to see

i used to love watching movies and could watch any matter the horror, terror or scare factor. not the case anymore. i rarely ever want to even watch a movie and if i do it's almost always a romantic comedy. i can't stomach anything scary anymore and i can't commit going to the theatre with a newborn at home. however, i am going to try to start watching more movies again. it's winter in new york which means we're stuck inside for quite a while, especially with two little ones. it's also a cheap date night in with my honey - who will be thrilled i'm on a movie kick. the best two movies i've seen lately are julie and julia and seven pounds. i loved them both.

movies to see:
the time traveler's wife
my sister's keeper
marley and me
he's just not that into you
it's complicated
bride wars
love happens
everybody's fine
the blindside

any good movie recommendations?
caleb and i are about to watch my sister's keeper, check that one off the list :)


  1. the blind side was SO good!

    also, (it was just recently in select theaters and probably won't be out on dvd for a little while, but...) the fantastic mr. fox was one of the most wonderful movies i've seen in a long, long time. :) keep your eyes peeled for when it comes to dvd. :) :)

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  2. i can't wait to see the blindside.. i will have to wait til it's for rent.

    and i will keep my eye out for the fantastic mr. fox, thanks! :)

  3. We are always up for a movie night if you're ever looking for company to watch with =)

  4. laura,
    we would love to!
    have you guys seen the time traveler's wife?

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