May 20, 2015


This recipe is next on my to make list! Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad with Roasted Asparagus. And pretty much everything else Lindsay from Pinch of Yum makes. I made her chicken lettuce wraps this week and, hold me, so good.

Everything my girlfriend, Beth, makes in her beautiful etsy shop. I've got some of her goodness sprinkled through our house and I couldn't be more in love with it.

How adorable are these planters? Must.have. Image via

Daydreaming of actually decorating our bedroom one day. I've got it cleaned... a girl's gotta start somewhere. Image via

These products from Every Day Happy. We're happy every day cause we got to try out this goodness! From their diapers to their shampoo to their laundry detergent, I love it all! They offer monthly packages like the Diaper and Family Care Kit which are shipped right to your door. If you're a homebody with little ones who run your world like me: hello convienence and necessity. And they've got some new fabulous products coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!

New watercolor designs I've been working on. They make my heart skip a beat. What a gift to do what you love! If you're looking for a new design for your blog or business, I'm your girl!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

May 7, 2015


There are three things I believe in spending "extra" money on: really good food, plane tickets, and really beautiful quilts. Everything is else is just stuff, right? I can't tell you how much we adore our new quilt from Megan at The Feather + Arrow. Her work is impeccable. The colors and design are more than perfect for our sweet Story's room. My girl loves her quilt just as much as I do. Megan's eye for design is right on point and her fabric choices make my heart skip a beat. Best of all, her heart is gold. I asked her to share a little bit about her shop:

"Like many small business brands, I originally started sewing to fill my own creative outlet. I had lived overseas for three years with no ability to create, little color added to my life, and my little family needed some beauty in our nest. So I learned to sew from the mamas and grandmas around me. Quilting helped bring in a little bit of income, and satisfied my crush on gorgeous fabric (my personal favorite in the whole process!), and allowed me to partner in a small way to the anti-human trafficking cause. My personal niche combines timeless technique with fresh and modern color palettes and patterns. What a gift to enjoy the added bonus of creating and communing among such talented small business women! My deepest thanks to Danielle for her graciousness and help for this collaboration."

Megan is offering 20% off any purchase! Use coupon code TAKEHEART

April 29, 2015


It was many years ago now, thirteen maybe?, that I attended my first Women of Faith conference, but I remember it like it was yesterday. My mom, sister, and I and a few friends listened to these women pour out their hearts and souls for Jesus, to glorify His name. I remember hearing women like  Thelma, Patsy, and Marilyn. Generations older than me, loving the same Jesus as me. Connecting women all over the room, all over the country, with open hands to their King. They made me laugh and they made me cry.

Perhaps, what sticks out to me most in my mind, still today, is Tammy Trent. Years later I would read her book, and feel all those same feelings yet again. Maybe it was because I was a young girl, so shapeable and eager to dream of what the future held for me and who God would have for me as a husband. I heard her love story and how much she adored the man of her dreams. I saw pictures of her and her handsome, strong, God fearing husband. While celebrating each other and their love and living lives to glorify His name, Trent was taken from her. The circumstances were surreal. She was alone, out of the country, and then our country was attacked on September 11, 2001. She couldn't get back to her family and friends for support, and the man she loved most in this world was gone. I marveled at the grace she used in telling her story and couldn't stop thinking about how she walked worthy, when everything was stripped away, she praised His name.

This year Women of Faith celebrates twenty years! of ministering to women through these conferences that have brought so many to Christ. They are calling this tour, the LOVED tour. "You are seen. You are known. You are free. Connect with a community of women that gets what you’re going through . . . and with the God who loves you more than you know."

I don't know about you but I need this reminder The impact that this event had on me as a high school student still resonates with me today. I am ready for the Lord to use these women to work in my heart again, all these years later.

I can't even tell you how giddy I am at the thought of returning to hear some of these same beautiful hearts, and brave new ones too. And, I'm not gonna lie: The traveler in me is quite excited to choose where I want to attend. Right now I'm dreaming of it being Birmingham... would you join me there? Would you attend in your city to have your world be shaken up a little by these precious women, in the name of Jesus?

Check out the tour schedule right here and you can the amazing speaker line up here. Do not miss this, my friends! Do not miss it. The fabulous ladies at Women of Faith are giving Take Heart readers $20 off any standard or premium ticket. Use code Danielle20 when purchasing your tickets, at any location! The pricing for this event is already reasonable so with this discount code: grab your moms, sisters, and girlfriends and hit the road!

"When you know how much God loves you, it changes everything." - Women of Faith

I hope to see you there, my friends!

April 21, 2015