February 27, 2015


It's Friday! Here's some of the best things on the internet this week:

- The new Noah's Ark movie by Veggie Tales. My kids had no idea what Veggie Tales was until, like, two months ago. Now they can't get enough. We don't have cable, just Netflix, and praise the Lord for Celery Night Fever --- they are literally obsessed. You should have seen the joy in their eyes when I presented them with the all new Noah's Ark. They loved it! Your kiddos will too. I'll give one of you you a copy, just leave a comment here! 

- Evy's Tree sweatshirts. Everything from Evy's Tree is my fave. My current obsession is The Stripe Diana Wrap. It's perfectly for this ever growing belly of mine. And no, I'm not even halfway.

- Lemon Cheesecake morning buns. Do I need to say more? I actually haven't even made these yet and I am already in love with them.

- I feel like this is a strange website (?) but I made these completely healthy cheeseburgers at my sisters house last week and MYLANTA. Best burger ever and the secret sauce, bless it.

- This bedroom. I'll move in tomorrow, thanks.

- THIS PICTURE. SPRING. I want Spring so bad I can taste it. Every February I think to myself, Why is it I live in upstate New York again? I'm confused. Someone get me out of here.

- These dreamy ombres (1, 2, 3, 4)

- Perfect makeup.

- This video about the beauty and the brokenness of adoption, telling the story of RAD that so often goes untold.

- My always creative friend, Jen, made these pillows I'm drooling over.

- The gold and white dress taking over the intra-net. If that dress isn't white and gold my entire life is a lie. Anyone who sees black and blue (like my husband) I don't know who you are anymore.

- This video by Russell Brand. I don't know anything about this man besides he was married to Katy Perry for a hot second. It's refreshing to hear someone 'out of the norm' take a stand against pornography.

- Why do moms always talk about coffee and wine? Dy-ing.

Happy weekend, playas.

February 26, 2015

February 25, 2015


Every girl has days they want someone else's hair. I can remember wishing for many different things over the years, hair color, style, and length being some of them. I've had red, black, blonde, and brown hair, and every color in between. I've been short and long, I (over)used sun-in in sixth grade and had this amazing puffy orange chin length hair, a personal favorite of mine, that I was quite proud of back then. I've had color correction more times than I count and every time I go blonde, I go dark the next day. When will a girl learn?

I feel like I really got into my hair groove after getting married. Nothing magical happened, I just started knowing what worked on me, and teaching myself how to style my hair. When I think back to high school and straightening the life out of my hair, which looked quite hideous, I ask myself, What exactly were you thinking, Danielle? I wasn't. Duh.

Now there is nothing more that I want than big hair. Curls, waves, and volume are all I really need. Straight no more, my friends. I will dry shampoo the shiz out of my hair to give it more volume. I love me some hot curlers and a one inch curling iron like it's no body's business. Big hair is one of my love languages. I love my curls, and I hope you love yours too.

It's time for you to rediscover the curls you were born with! Walmart has teamed up with Dove Hair, encouraging women to #LoveYourCurls. You can share why you love yours right here. It's really empowering to a younger generation of girls to see women confident with who they are and what they look like. There isn't anything more beautiful than confidence. Rock your curls with pride, teaching them to do so as well. Dove Hair + Walmart are doing just that, inspiring the next generation of curl girls to love their hair.

Submit your curly hair story right here and you will be entered for a chance to win one of 6 prize packs from Dove Hair and Walmart valued at $200 each! See terms & conditions here.

Dove Quench products help your hair get 4x more defined, natural curls. They offer an ultra-nourishing shampoo revives and strengths your curly hair, while cleansing. Dove Quench Absolute Ultra Nourishing Conditioner gives your curls a smooth finish, making your hair more manageable. The Restoration Mask intensely nourishes your hair and finish things off with the Supreme Cream Serum, your on-the-go, leave-in, nourishing treatment. You and your curls are ready to rock with Dove's three step system!

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This post is sponsored by Lunchbox, but all opinions stated here are my very own. 

February 24, 2015


My baby girl is THREE! Three going on thirteen. She is sweet and sassy, she's independent and silly, she's a mishmash of girly girl and one of the boys. She knows that she is the most beautiful on the inside, her name is not just Story, but Story Kate -- she won't let you think otherwise. She loves Daisy Duck and Daniel Tiger. She loves to laugh, and dance, and sing, and her dream day would be being read to from sunrise to sunset.

Story Kate, You're the apple of my eye. I am thankful for the day you were born, that God gave me you, and that He knew I needed a daughter. I love you more than I can say. Happy 3rd Birthday! You'll always be my baby girl.

February 23, 2015


If I could think of one word for me, for these past six months or so, I would pick heavy. Not the word I'd like, but the definite word for right now. I feel the weight of loss around me in my personal life, the weight of what's going on around the world, in the lives of those I love, and I wanna feel light again.

So many beloved family members have passed, in such a short amount of time. I walked alongside my dear friends as many brought new life into this world, while at the same time, so many lost these precious babies,who they'll never get to know here on this earth. Regrets swarm around you, as you think of what more you could have done, what more you could have said, and you're floundering for time lost. You want to dig your heels as deep into the dirt as you can, and stay there. How can you move forward? How can life go on? Somehow, it does. It needs to.

If I needed a reality check (I did need one) that I really need God, I had it. I have it. Days can pass and the highs can be so high, we love God, He's there, but are we needing Him? Life moves quickly, and then slowly, these times of complete bittersweet. I needed to be knocked back down, catching my breath, and land on my knees before Him. I needed to cry out why, and how, and beg Him to do work in others' hearts, to do work in my own heart.

And the great mystery of why things happen the way they do still remains. We don't always get the answers we want but we always have a great God who doesn't make mistakes. Even when this doesn't make sense, it does. I don't know how else to explain it. Brene Brown says it best, and I have to listen to this so many times to remind myself, 'I thought faith would say, I'll take away the pain and the discomfort, but what it ended up saying was, I'll sit with you in it.

Somehow, amongst the heavy, the hurt and the loss, I have learned, over and over again, that Jesus really is all that He says He is. He's not leaving us, He's weeping alongside us. He's not taking my pain away but He's with me in it. And somehow, someway, it's enough. He is more than enough.

Jesus wept. John 11:35

In loving memory of these precious lives: J.A. , J.H. , C.A. , T.S. , T.K. Our world was a better place because of you. You are loved and remembered every single day.