Wednesday, February 28


We welcomed a new little love pup into our family this week. Meet Rosie girl. She's a goldendoodle and we're all pretty smitten. 

Tuesday, February 27


We snuck away with our three big kids to Manhattan for the weekend and it was one of those magical times where one of my favorite parts of parenting happens -- memory making. I love seeing things through the eyes of my children, especially my favorite city. We drove into New York Saturday morning and went right into Lower Manhattan to the Freedom Tower, saw everything from above. 

I found a hotel on the upper east side that would sleep us all and was near good food, obvs. Story Kate turned SIX on Saturday so her treat was to go to American Girl and pick out her very first real doll. She chose one who's hair looked the most like her own (hair obsessed girl maybe, takes after her mom?), and named her what she is naming most animals and dolls these days, Leyla. The boys played around in the Nintendo and Lego stores and we picked out little somethings to take home to Abram and Lula. 

Entering new stages of motherhood where your kids understand history, and tragedy and you can see their hearts break for people, and also the compassion in their hearts come out for a world that loves better --- and they truly experience, and feel, in ways they couldn't a few years ago? It's humbling and sacred. Motherhood is, and always will be, my greatest adventure. 

SK & her girl, Leyla. 

I've strolled Central Park more times than I can count, it's one of my favorite places. But this time we did it horse + carriage style --- it was such a treat. My boys are Beatles buffs and got to smile and nod along to all the Strawberry Fields conversations from our sweet tour guide. 

Sofia, we loved her. 

We talked about serendipity and all the happy accidents in our own lives --- the phenomenon of finding value in things not sought after. And then, of course, not one but TWO frozen hot chocolates. 

My love.

We've already got a big long list for the next time we head back, this time with all the kids. You know I'm googling the best airbnbs for the spring and making plans ... 

Until next time, New York.